Dutiful Sex?

Wives, if you were told before you were married that it was your duty to give sex to your husband cause that’s what he wants, you were lied to. Dutiful sex is not married sex. That’s not to say there won’t be times when this happens. But married sex is far more than dutiful sex. Dutiful sex says it’s a one sided thing. Too many wives have been duped into believing that sex is just for the man. I was one of them. It never even crossed my mind that sex was for me too. But I’m here to tell married women that SEX IS FOR YOU!!! Today we have a generation of women and men starving in their marriages. And whether you recognize it or not, both are starving in their sexuality. But I believe that if we start talking about the real issues of marriage and start revealing the truth about sex and marriage, we can bring marriages to places they’ve never been before. And even better, we can tell the world that married sex is indeed THE BEST!!!

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