Low Sex Drive

Ladies, here’s the thing: YOU HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL OVER YOUR SEX DRIVE. If you’ve been told that it is your spouse that does, you were told wrong. If you’ve been told that something is wrong with you because you have a low sex drive, you’ve been told wrong. The reason that you control your sex drive is because your sex drive is all in your head. The way you think, the things you believe, and the things you do are all as a result of what goes on in your mind. If you have a negative attitude towards sex, it’s because your thoughts about it are negative. If you do not enjoy sex, you have made yourself to believe that sex just isn’t something you need. If you find yourself dreading the event entirely, you are thinking about sex in a very destructive way. So the first step to victory in the area of sexual intimacy for women is to get your head in the game. Recognize the destructive and negative thoughts about sex and make changes to those thoughts. Men in general don’t understand this problem that we have. So invite your man to have this discussion with you. Be open and honest about how you feel about sex and decide together how these changes are going to happen. Ask him to help you be more sexual, to think more sexual. He can be your strength where you are not. Sex is supposed to be mutually enjoyed. That should always be the goal for you as a couple. Obviously there will be times when his drive will be higher and chances are that is most often the case. But ladies, you are in the driver’s seat. You have the power to change your sex drive. Make sex in your marriage a priority. But not just for your husband, do it for you.

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