The Perfect Gift

Are you wondering what to get your husband for Christmas? Maybe you have racked your brain trying to come up with something he would like and that you can afford and have come up short. Or maybe you have a great idea and are very excited about it and you’re convinced it’s gonna be awesome. Or maybe you don’t exchange gifts. Whatever the case may be for your relationship, here is one of my gift giving stories:

I wanted to get my husband a very special gift, one that would bless him not only in the here and now, but also in the days to come. You might think this is crazy but I decided I wanted to do a boudoir for him. So I did my research and found a local photographer. She was great. I was so excited. He was so going to love this. With all the times he had expressed his desire for sex, this was sure to help! The pics turned out awesome. I could hardly wait to give it to him. Of course this was the kind of gift you give while nobody else is around. He was shocked to say the least. In my mind, it was the best gift! Over time I could never understand why he never looked at the portfolio I had made for him. I would periodically look to see if he had moved it and looked at it. And I was always disappointed. I just did not understand. This was many years ago. I did not understand that my husband didn’t want pictures of me but instead wanted to enjoy me personally and physically. Yeah he liked the photos but he said to me years later, I just want you.

Now that I understand more about the desire he has to not only have sex with me but for me to enjoy it too, I get why he didn’t really like the gift like I had thought he would.

So I know now that what I give to my spouse must be what he wants and needs, not what I think he wants and needs. I should’ve listened to him years ago, but I was too dense to understand. All along he just wanted to be intimate with me, and I thought that photos would do the trick.

Today it is very different. If he wants sex, then it is my honor to give and share it with him!






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