Sex Talk

“Over half of college age men have been exposed to porn prior to age 13” Dr. Spitz. Page 67 The Penis Book.

This is an astounding statistic. We are facing an epidemic that is destroying our youth, both boys and girls. We believe the change to this starts at home.

How many of you have ever had a conversation with your parents about porn? Was the topic of sex frowned upon? Were you abused as a child? Did you want to know how the opposite sex looked like? Were you encouraged in your sexuality? Or were you told that it was something that was taboo to talk about?

The answers to these questions tell a story…YOUR STORY

Now, you can either let your child write their own story about sex OR you can help them write their story.

Today is the day to start the conversation about sex and all that entails that subject. Today, make it a normal part of discussions that happen frequently. Today, teach your children the truth about sex right in your own home. Break down the barriers of sex talk by making sex talk normal. Show them that the curiosity they have is God given and how to channel that curiosity correctly. Talk about God’s design for marriage and sex. Teach your kids that sex is something good and should be embraced. Tell them that pornography is the worlds way of taking a good thing and perverting it and, that pornography is not healthy nor does it hold any truth. Porn is destructive and will steal everything it can from them. Tell them the truth about porn.

Now I know many of you will struggle with reading this. For one, you may be the one caught in a porn addiction or struggle. And two, the thought of talking about it just freaks you out. But one thing is for certain, every human being has a sexual story. And either you can be a part of your child’s story or not. If you are struggling with guilt and just can’t see yourself the one to do it, I challenge you to get help so you can.

Begin to make your home a safe place to talk about sex, porn and everything in between.

Once again, you can either let your child write their own story about sex OR you can help them write their story.

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