Can Your Spouse Share Their Heart With You

The question is, “Can your spouse share their heart with you?”

This is the key to intimacy; a secret to a great sex life. Creating an environment where your spouse can get ‘naked’ and share their deep thoughts and desires of the heart, without fear of being hurt is vital. It not only will bring the two of you closer emotionally but spiritually and sexually.

This also goes with our blog post from last week.  An encumbered soul cannot enjoy and experience great married sex until those layers of pain and wrong thinking are revealed and dealt with.

Men, take time to grow that atmosphere of security and peace for your wives. Take time to let her know you have her and only her on your heart. Tell her often how you want to be the source of healing and strength where she so badly needs it. Help her uncover the pain that is crippling her spirit. Guide her as she faces those things and comfort her when needed. Allow her to speak without becoming defensive or judgemental. Give her the opportunity to really get ‘naked’ before you. And I mean really get ‘naked’.

You might find that along the way, you have also created a place where YOU can also get ‘naked’ with your wife. It just takes us men longer sometimes to uncover our souls. But trust me, when the atmosphere is right, the uncovering of souls is an AMAZING thing.

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